why purchase seat cover

What car seat cover can do for you!

To protect car seats from various hazards and accidents, such as stain, spills torn and ripped upholstery.

Reduce expense by covering over existing damage rather than redoing the entire upholstery.

To add a little fun and design to your vehicle’s interior. Do a makeover to suit your tastes and lifestyle.

Before you make a purchase, there are a few things you need to know about car seat covers.

First is a different type of fitments:

  • Custom fit seat covers simply mean the covers are made specifically for your car. The fit will be perfect.
  • Universal fit seat covers are made to fit all cars. It is not a perfect fit and works on almost all cars
  • Semi-custom fit seat covers fall in between custom and universal fit. It does not fit as perfect as custom made, but it fits better than universal covers. Most buyers would opt for this option.

Now you are looking for the best seat covers for your car.

Best seat covers for fabric is usually made of cotton, neoprene, or 3D air mesh.

Cotton is soft and strong, but not waterproof.

cotton seat covercotton seat cover

Neoprene is considered to be the most durable and is waterproof.

neoprene seat coverneoprene seat cover 2

3D air mesh has extra cushioning and more breathable compared to other fabric.

3d Air Mesh seat cover3d Air Mesh seat cover 2

Best seat covers for leather is made with the highest percentage of genuine leather in the cover. Leather not only adds class to your car, but it is also waterproof, and soft to the touch. The downside is it does get hot in summer. Some leather covers are perforated in the center so it is more breathable and will not heat up as fast in hot weather.

The best leather seat covers should be soft to the touch, add class and value to your car; leather seats generally raise the value of your car, easy to clean, water resistant, and somewhat perforated so they can breathe better in heat.

leather seat coverleather seat cover 2

Best seat covers for pets is oxford fabric which is waterproof and hair resistant so no pet hair will stick to your seats. This fabric is most suitable for pet rides. It is easy to clean as well, simply throw into the washing machine and air dry.

Best seat covers also come with features such as airbag compatibility and rear split bench combination. It also allows you to fold down the rear cup holder or armrest.

With the above mentioned, my idea of which seat covers are best for cars would be the fabric that you like, features that you need, and color and design that suits your tastes.