the cost of seat cover


I have been mention about seat cover price range in the last article, $20~$200 for universal fit seat cover and semi-custom seat cover, custom seat cover would be a little more.


Imagine how you feel when you enter a car to discover all the seats are torn and tattered. When you buy a car, you will discover it is an investment worth protecting and where you will start from is the seat. You don’t want your car’s seat got messed up with stains and unnecessary wear and tear soon after you bought your car. It is estimated that a car seat that is well cared for can last the lifespan of the car. But due to lack of attention, many car owners had to replace their car upholstery a few years after they bought the car. If you are worried about What is the price of car Seat Cover?this article will shed light on various prices so you can be prepared for what you want.


The price range

There are three categories of car seat cover costs according to the make and purpose of the seat covers. You will come across Universal Fit which is the least of the three. There is the Semi-Custom Fit that is of average range costs, and the third is the Custom Fit which you can regard as the high-end cost.


Another cost determining the factor of car seat cover is the material. You will come across different material types that will come at different prices. You should have in mind that the quality of the material is a significant influence of what price to pay for the product. The cost of an authentic leather cover material will be different from Nylon material, and the cost of a canvas will cost differently from cloth, Polyester or any other material. But note that the more expensive is the material, the costlier the price.


What should influence your choice of seat car material?

  • Benefits. Above all else, the benefits to derive from a seat cover material should determine your choice. It should be noted that benefits for two car owners may not or may not be the same. For instance, what will benefit a commercial vehicle owner will differ from a private car owner. For a commercial car, the abuse on the car seat will be more than a private owner with a limited number of people they carry from time to time. Likewise, a senior without children and youth around them to abuse their car seat will seek different benefit than what a young person who can have their cars for shows, events and go out with friends and pop champagne and party all the time.


Therefore, the benefit will come from the protection you get from the prevention from faster wear and tear of your car seat material, the beauty it brings to your vehicle interior and the cost saving among many more benefits.


  • Worth of your vehicle. Another major factor is the value of the car seat you want to protect. Someone with a car that costs around 500,000 dollars will not go for the same material as someone whose car is worth less than 100,000 dollars. The more the worth of your vehicle, the more it makes sense to go for high-quality seat cover to match the value, aesthetic and social condition of the car.


  • The maker. Like other component of a car, the maker of the part you are buying also influence the cost of the item. You should know that car seat covers come in different categories and produced by different manufacturers.


The typical costs of seat cover

Within the three categories of seat covers, let’s see the common costs range you will most likely get. Remember, for each category, all the factors considered above will apply.


  1. Universal Fit. This is the common type of seat cover you will find around. They are generic covers, and you just have to find the size for your car, and you are ready to go. However, the universal fit also comes in different material qualities and design. Typically, you will find the universal fit car seat cover within the range of $10 to $200 for a set. Within the range, you will find both low and high-quality material and finish. Some may come as just seat covers, while other may include floor mats of different qualities. However, do not be fooled, if you shop well, you are most likely to have a good bargain and still have very quality seat cover in term of material and design. Another thing you need to take note of is that most universal fit seat covers are designed and do come with different brands and models of cars in mind. You may look out for the design that is intended for your type of car model. Expect to see the prices for high-end universal car seat covers running into the low-end costs of Semi-Custom Fit or Custom Fit car seat covers.


Places to search for the universal fit car seat covers include Amazon, eBay, WalMart and so many other online stores you will find very convenient to shop for the right universal car seat cover that meets your need.


  1. Semi-Custom Fit seat cover. The costs for this category of car seat cover may range typically from $100 to $1000 for high-end materials. In this category, what you see is more of branding and packaging for more responsible selling and buying of car seat covers. You will mostly see more of style and aesthetic design that fit perfectly with your vehicle seat. The cover materials too are delicately selected among the best in the market. The materials will include such notable selections from quality leather, suede, and sheepskin, neoprene like a wetsuit, velour, tweed, and nylon.


The objective here is towards quality and to give you something that promises longevity you will be proud to have. However, in some cases, you may be hyped to buy rather than getting the right quality and taste that is where you need to shop carefully before buying.


Places to look when you need semi-custom fit are branded names and other big names in car accessories. Sometimes, you can find out if your vehicle manufacturer’s accessories section has a seat cover for you. If they have a seat cover for you, you are likely to get something tailor made for your car model and type.


  1. Custom Fit. The custom fit works much the same way like the semi-custom fit except that the level of responsibility is high end. The cost to pay at this level may not be what the everyday car owner wants to cough out. You know that it is possible for two vehicles that look the same make and model to be different in the anatomy and makeup. From the paint to the wheel and steering, there is the element of individual owners taste built into the car. It is a similar thing you get with custom fit car seat cover.


You will not get the custom fit seat cover just anywhere; sometimes they are custom made. The way to go about shopping for the custom fit is to talk the upholstery maker to give you something that is just for you. The advantage here is that you can make your choice of material combination and ask for a tailored design that meets your aesthetic and quality tastes.


The cost to pay for custom fit may be high or low depending on your negotiation for the custom fit transaction with the maker.