leather seat cover

What are the best leather seat covers?

I wrote this article 4 month before, I wasn’t know seat cover’s material in that time, but it could also tell us there’s so many information can confuse us to make a choice, I did bunch of search during those 4 month, I know much more than before. I know the Genuine leather seat cover is the lowest quality of all products made out of real leather.  and Pu leather,Deluxe leatherette is synthetic leather. and after I purchase my company’s seat cover, I realize the most important things you need to care about:

  1. Any smell?
  2. Is the seat cover breathable?
  3. Easy to clean or not?
  4. Produced with potentially carcinogenic chemicals or not?

I think durable isn’t the problem, at least for 2 years, those seat cover won’t have big change except your pet is biting the seat cover, lol.  except top quality real leather, you seat cover will be hot under the sunlight, pick any other colors except black will be other good choice.


Leather seats add a touch of luxury to any vehicle.  Some of us aren’t lucky enough to have our cars equipped with leather seats right off the dealership lot, but with the help of seat covers, we can improvise.  There are a variety of leather seat covers out there that can upgrade your interior and give you that smooth, Deluxe look and feel.


So how can you tell which leather seat covers are the best for your car?  Take a look at the different types of leather seat covers to help you decide.


  1. Genuine Leather Seat Covers

Naturally, genuine leather seat covers are the closest thing you’ll get to OEM leather seats.  They look good, feel good, and even smell good.  However, they definitely come with a price tag.  And on top of that, they’re susceptible to damage such as tearing from sharp objects which can be extra devastating when you consider how much you paid for them.


  1. PU Leather Seat Covers

PU leather is the easiest and most affordable solution to getting that opulent leather look without the price tag or the upkeep.  The material looks and feels strikingly similar to genuine leather while being easier to clean and less vulnerable to severe damage as it is less prone to scuffing and scratching.  It also won’t stretch, warp, or fade over time.  And of course, synthetic leather is cruelty free as there is no animal hide involved in its production!

The most important advantage is Pu leather material is breathable.


  1. Deluxe Leatherette Seat Covers

Deluxe leatherette has all the benefits of PU leather and some bonus perks to boot.  The material is even softer than standard PU leather and is coated in a protective layer to add some additional shine and keep the leatherette safe from whatever life throws your way.


  1. Perforated Leatherette Seat Covers

Perforated leatherette adds a unique twist to the look of your seat covers while also adding some function, as it helps to disperse heat and circulate air flow behind you.  Functional and fashionable…can you really ask for more?