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Battle of the Floor Mats: How They Stack Up

rubber floor mats

Let’s face it, floor mats are more or less a necessity in the car world.  They protect your carpet from the dangers of the universe  – spills, mud, dirt, you name it. Most of the time, floor mats are the […]

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5 Things No One Told You About Driving

Learning to drive is probably one of the most exciting parts about growing up, if not one of the scariest – suddenly you’re trusted to be in control of this thousand pound metal machine of death?  You probably spent a […]

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5 Things I Loved About My First Car

When I talk about my first car, I actually mean my second car.  My literal first car was a 2001 Toyota Celica that my parents surprised me with outside of my job when I was seventeen.  Her name was Emma.  […]

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The 5 Absolute Worst Foods To Eat In Your Car

candy spilling from bag1

Whenever we get a new car, there’s always that promise we make to ourselves where we swear that we’re going to keep it as perfect as it is the day we drive it off the lot.  That means no smoking, […]

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How to rid your car of offensive mildew and rubber floor mat odor

Get Rid of-Smell from floor mat

Odor in a car is common for people who don’t know how to get rid of it. But common among the odors you will come across are rubber floor mat and mildew that can be quite annoying and burdensome. Even […]

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