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What is the price of car Seat Cover and Influencing factors?

the cost of seat cover

  I have been mention about seat cover price range in the last article, $20~$200 for universal fit seat cover and semi-custom seat cover, custom seat cover would be a little more.   Imagine how you feel when you enter a […]

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How to rid your car of offensive mildew and rubber floor mat odor

Get Rid of-Smell from floor mat

Odor in a car is common for people who don’t know how to get rid of it. But common among the odors you will come across are rubber floor mat and mildew that can be quite annoying and burdensome. Even […]

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Where can I purchase cheap car covers, floor mats, and seat covers?

cheap car covers

No matter the type of auto car paint your car has, you still need to protect it from UV light as continued exposure to your vehicle in a quiescent state to UV can have a damaging impact on the color. […]

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What material is used for car seats? Which one is best?

3 materials for car seat

What material is used for car seats? Which one is best? The interior of a car is the next most attractive part any car owner wants to choose after the outer look of a car carefully. Indeed, the elegance of […]

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The details about different Seat Cover Material pros and cons

seat cover material Pros and Cons

Different Seat Cover Material pros and cons Your car’s seat cover, like any other part of the car, is worth giving your close attention. Even if you use your vehicle for moving public wastes, you want to take care of […]

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About car seat cover price – you will get what you paid

question when you purchase seat cover

I have been working on online marketing for long time. Not matter what product I have been working on, I know one thing, you paid for what you get. Check the products below from china famous online store “TaoBao”.   […]

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What Material seat cover is better, Fabric or Leather?

fabric or leather seat cover

 What Material seat cover is better, Fabric or Leather? Before starting to introduce the maintenance of the seat, first look at the car seat around the things. We generally distinguish the car seat method is used to distinguish between the […]

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What are the best leather seat covers?

leather seat cover

What are the best leather seat covers? I wrote this article 4 month before, I wasn’t know seat cover’s material in that time, but it could also tell us there’s so many information can confuse us to make a choice, […]

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What are the best seat covers for my car?

most suitable seat cover

Seat covers are the unsung heroes of the car accessory world.  They constantly protect your seats from spills, stains, dirt, and every day wear and tear while keeping your seats looking great.  There are a variety of seat covers out […]

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Why Do People Buy Car Seat Covers?

why purchase seat cover

What car seat cover can do for you! To protect car seats from various hazards and accidents, such as stain, spills torn and ripped upholstery. Reduce expense by covering over existing damage rather than redoing the entire upholstery. To add […]

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