how to select the car cover


what’s custom-fit? How do I if they are custom or not?

In order to the car cover won’t blow off by wind, the car cover’s size should fit car and the extra size can’t exceed 20 inches, This length can be fixed by spring hook.

After we know what sizes of seat cover, we need to check our car’s length(They use car’s length as standard to tell customer if this car cover fit to their car) also. If you forget the dimension of your car. we can check from Google .

subaru impreza dimensions


The most car cover dimension will shows like below.


So summarize from 2 picture’s information, we know my car should purchase the fits cars up to 190”,  the car shows 174~180” , if the car’s length is 180”, that won’t be fit. if you want more accurate data, you should measure the car’s length by yourself.



Don’t put your car cover on your car if you parking in the street!

law vs car cover

Having a car cover on your car on your own property won’t be a problem, but don’t use it in street parking.

what if you really want to use your car cover on the street parking?

With the hole cut out for the license plate and registration, so you won’t be have any trouble, clear plastic car cover is a option, but too ugly.  but last two option won’t be work in NYC, New York cops will find any possible reason to give you a ticket.


You need a car cover to protect your car from the sun and other elements out there. However, most times, making the decision about what type of car cover to buy can be daunting. There are three kinds of challenges most car owners face in choosing what car cover is best for their car. First is to know the type and quality of car cover, second is how they intend using the cover, and third is to know what car cover would fit their cars.


Major problems to solve in your search for the right custom fit car cover

  • Type: Selecting the right type and quality of car cover will go a long way to protect your car from destructive elements in the environment. While considering the type of car cover, you need to have it in mind where you want to use the item. Some car covers are designed for outdoor while some are for indoor use only. The type you buy should agree with your purpose of use. If you have your car always parked outside the house, the type to buy will be for outdoor use.


You have so much to consider regarding type and quality. You may be familiar terms like flannel, water resistant, breathable, non-woven and woven, indoor and outdoor and many more terms that describe the type and quality of car cover out there. You will need to select based on your environment and use.


woven and no woven car cover

Pros of non-woven car cover : ventilation, filtration, insulation, water absorbent, waterproof, flexible, not disheveled, good hand feeling & soft, light, flexible, resilient, no cloth direction, low price.

Cons of non-woven car cover: the textile cloth compared to intensity and poor durability, not like other clothing cleaning.


Pros of woven car cover: Look pristine for longer, seldom shrinking and losing shape, Have a rigid fabric composition that combats muffin top.

Cons of woven car cover: Don’t always stretch and sometimes feel restrictive.Wrinkle quite easily and Relatively more expensive.


We need our car cover is inexpensive, so nobody want to steal them, waterproof, ventilation and don’t wrinkle easy, flexible and more. so for the car covers, non-woven material will be better than woven material.


  • Application: An important consideration is a frequency of using the car cover. Some car covers are used several times a day. With such use in mind, the size and weight of the cover to buy must be such that it gives you the ease of carrying it. A bulkier car cover may be a challenge regarding carrying it and the stress of unwrapping it to put it to cover the car and wrapping it again after use to put it safely in the car boot as occasion demands.


Many car owners have abandoned their car cover because of the stress of frequent use and the trouble to put it on the car due to its weight. You don’t want to make a mistake because some car covers are practically impossible for just one person to put it on the car, you will always need a helping hand. Such covers are a discouragement to the owner who may not have the privilege of hands to spare when needed.


  • Custom fit: This need is not limited to size alone, it include having a car cover that meets the above criteria including type, quality, and application. You will need to make your choice strictly according to what you need. If you go out to shows and have to leave your car outside overnight, you need a cover that can withstand a dent and ding. You also need to consider water and dew. A cover that is not water resistant may not be a fit for overnight outdoor parking as the dew water can penetrate the cover to your car.


You want to outline some specific needs you want in a car cover because of the way you intend to use it. These criteria of use will form the basis of your search for the best custom fit car cover that will last.


With the three basic challenges of choosing the best custom fit car cover discussed, let’s go through how you can select the best custom car cover. Of course, the purpose of a car cover is to protect your car from a host of possibilities that may happen when you park it.


Choosing the best custom-fit car cover for your car

It is a wise move to think of a car cover for your car. Consider what you will be saved by choosing the best car cover that does the job of protecting your car correctly. When you choose the right car cover, you will be moving ahead to save your car from:

  • UV damaging your car’s paint
  • Bird droppings, acid rain, animal paw scratch
  • Excessive car interior heat
  • Car interior cooler to protect the upholstery
  • Dirt and unnecessary car washing expenses


To choose the right custom fit car cover is easy if you put our opening discussion on the three things to consider to practical use. For practical purposes, let’s assume you have the following needs:

  1. You have a car garage, and your car is always indoor unless on a few occasion that you go to deliver your products to clients and go on picnic with family every month end
  2. Whenever you go to deliver jobs to clients, you spend an average of 4 hours not including driving time on a return journey.
  3. When you go for a picnic, you could spend up to 8 hours, living home early around 7.30am and come back around 6 pm.
  4. The picnic venue has lots of young people, and it’s the seaside where you expect a few dew in the environment.


To get the best car cover for your car, here is what to consider:

  • You need a breathable car cover with that will prevent dust and resist water and dust
  • You need a cover that is bulky to avoid dent and ding
  • You need a cover that properly covers your car in the right shape and fitness
  • You will need a cover with the capacity to withstand Ultra Violet Radiation (UVR)
  • Buy washable car cover so that you can wash it without fear of damaging it. Being able to wash your car cover help to protect its waterproof quality as excessive dust can damage it.
  • Get a car cover with the capacity to withstand heavy wind when parked outdoors.


Making your choice of the best custom fit auto cover

There are many car cover makers you can choose from, but be focused on what you want. You can start looking for a car cover from your car manufacturer and see if they have a custom fit car cover for your model of car. With more research, you can find the best auto cover that will meet your need and purpose.


Advantages of custom fit car cover

  • Long lasting car cover. When you have a custom fit car cover, it is smart on your car that it is protected from the wind. When the cover stays on the car, it is protected against damage for long lasting use.
  • Protect your car finish. Most car paints are lacquer protected, and when you have a car cover that is not fit, the blowing wind will move the cover and brush it against the body of the car with a possibility of scratching the paint surface and remove the lacquer overtime. But a fit cover stays firmly in the body of the car.
  • Prevents accidental dent and ding. When you park your car in an event venue where there are young people, the possibility of accidental scratch and dent is high when you can isn’t covered. But a car cover prevents such dent or scratch happening because the cover material will be the only contact with the body of the car.
  • Theft deterrent. A thieve is deterred from accessing your car because of the time it takes to remove the cover.
  • Protection when parked for an extended period. Not only cars but all material things tend to depreciate when left for a long time unused. But when your car is covered when left unused, the finish is protected and the body shield from UV light.