Car Windshield Sun Protection Cover

We all know the most important problem with leather seat cover is too hard in the summer, but if we can avoid this happen, the leather seat cover will be the best choice for all season. Car Windshield Sun Protection Cover is a best solution with this, not matter how good is quality, if the seat cover is exposed to a scorching sun for long time, the seat cover will get damage by that and the color may changed. Toxic gas generation from bad quality leather seat cover if you purchased.  I know a lot of people are the same as me, don’t like trouble, Even we know it’s cheap and helpful, we don’t purchase it. less than $10 and I will purchase it also, then update it in this article. You may concern about “Do Car Sun Shades Work?“.

I purchased it for couple days, it help a little, but not a lot, because the sunshine can go inside the car through windows. So I Order another sun shades below, I will update again after I use it.

sun shade



do car sun shades work

From the forum, you know the sun shade works, but which sun shade we should pick, I’m sorry I don’t know which one is better, but I will try use the feature picture one and I will update my experience lately. and  now, another point is did this sun shade generate toxic gas after exposed. after search in google, I don’t find anything bad about the sun shade. except sun shade, we also have another tips could help you to maintain your seat cover and last it longer.



Car seat cover maintenance

Car seat cover maintenance

Your seat cover shields your car seat from early damage and enhances the inner beauty of your vehicle. However, using car seat cover might be a good way to protect the seat from everyday wear and tear, but learning seat cover maintenance will ensure you get the most benefits from the seat cover used.


You may have gone through series of steps and research before selecting your seat cover; this article will look at how to carry out seat cover maintenance the right way to keep your car seat cover in good shape always.


Focus of this article

Seat cover maintenance includes tips on the right way to install your seat cover to care. A seat cover not properly installed may become exposed to early wear and tear which may look like you didn’t get the right quality or that the material does not last. We will deal with important issues that will help you enjoy your seat cover in a durable and beautiful sense of it.


How to install a new car seat cover

Good seat cover maintenance starts with how you installed your seat cover. Do it properly, and you will have a durable cover to protect your car seat and also add to the beauty of your vehicle interior. A wrongly fitted car seat cover is susceptible to early wear and tear including a rough fit on the seats. Here is how to do it right.

  1. Take off the seat headrests if your car seats come with it.
  2. Slip the back section that is the inner part of the cover upward over the seat.
  3. Slip down to ensure its covers the whole seat, adjust the contours to fit and take their proper place and secure it with the strap or snap button depending on which one comes with your seat cover.
  4. For the lower section of your seat, slip the seat cover over it and adjust the contour for perfect fitting.
  5. Use the strap to secure the cover under the seat and make sure it’s firm and perfect.
  6. Put back the headrest to the upper section you took off earlier and secure it in place.
  7. Repeat the above for all the seats. The back seat is mostly just one long cushion for bottom and back rest. Make sure the cover fits perfectly and no wrinkles with all contours tucked and firm.


Important warning

When installing a new car seat cover, be careful not to block the space for the seat airbag. You have to check your owner’s manual to locate the position of air bags and do not cover it up as this will interfere with the function of the facility in your car when the occasion demands its use.


Everyday care for your car seat cover

Installing a car seat cover does not mean you should be careless how you use the seat. I expect that you already know the care for the type of your seat cover material and you want to be strict in following the care recommendation for the car seat. The kind of material used will determine the care to put in place. However, the following tips are guides on caring for your car seat as part of the seat cover maintenance regime to put in place.

  • Avoid oily stains on your seat cover. In case you accidentally spill on the seat, get rid of it immediately with mild soap and a little water and make sure to dry clean it. Remember, the seat cover is not recommended for washing. Get a dry towel and moisten it with soap water and carefully wipe away the oil stain. Then use a dry towel to squeeze out the water.
  • Be careful with dirt. Of course, if your car is a public utility vehicle, you may have less control on how users treat the seat, but for private use, you have all the control you need. Always take care not to expose your car seat cover to excess dirt if at all. In case you are in a situation where your car seat gets dirty, you need to clean it up immediately you are at home or your destination to avoid the dirt doing deeper into the grain and stain the seat more.
  • Always avoid water pouring on your seat. Moisture is the cause of car interior odor as it gives room for microorganism growth. Always keep you seat cover dry and dirt free.


Cleaning your car seat cover

The type of seat cover material you have will determine how to clean it. The way to clean a leather seat material is different from the way you clean cloth seats. While you may wash a fabric seat cover, you won’t do that with a leather material. Therefore, the following procedures state a safe way to clean your car seat cover without running into trouble with your vehicle seat.

vacuum first before u install

  1. Do a thorough Vacuuming of the car. You don’t want to do this after cleaning your car to avoid doing a second job. Start your seat cover maintenance with a complete evacuation of any dirt that may have gotten into your vehicle. Doing this will prevent dust flying around in the car when you start cleaning the seat cover. If you don’t have a vacuum machine, try the small handheld type, they serve the same purpose size is the only difference. If you don’t have either of the two, you can go to nearby car wash station to use the coin operated vacuum device there.


  1. After you have done the vacuum, the next thing is to remove every item you have in the car. The purpose for this is to have the room to clean the seat cover for both front and rear seats.


  1. Use the right cleaning agent. If your seat cover allows the use of soap and water, take care with the type of solvent cleaner you apply on your seat cover. Make sure to use auto upholstery cleaner for a durable car seat. Also, remember you are not in the laundry as car seat cover require a minimal amount of water to avoid odor in your vehicle due to dampness. Spray the cleaner on the seat mistily and leave it to for a few minutes (5 minutes).


  1. Time to clean. After you allowed the spray for about five minutes, you can now start the cleaning. Get a clean towel and dampen it lightly. Don’t get it soaked to prevent your seat cushion from absorbing the water. Start where it’s convenient between the front and back seats and rub the seat surface where you applied the cleaner to remove the dirt be careful not to overdo it to prevent your seat cover from early damage. As you rub the moistened towel on the cover, get another clean and dry towel to wipe for faster dry. Repeat this for all the seats and open the car doors for enough air to dry the seats.


  1. Apply neutralizer. Whatever the type of seat cover material you use, get the protector called neutralizer to extend the life of the material. The neutralizer will seal the seat cover grain and prevent dirt getting into it. After applying the neutralizer allows it for bonding to the material before you use the vehicle.


Your car interior says a lot about you. A poorly kept car seat diminishes the value of your car and tells the world about your cleanliness. The quality time you spend on your seat cover maintenance will boost the value of your vehicle and give you a sense of pride anytime you give someone a ride.