before purchase car truck van suv seat cover

There are so many cars, vans, trucks and SUV seat covers out there and getting the right one might be confusing and stressful. Here in this article, we would share with you the crucial and vital things you need to know before buying a car, truck, van or SUV seat covers.


The materials:  Before you can perfectly pick out the best car seat cover, you need to know the seat materials. There are lots of trucks, van, SUV or car seat cover materials on the market, and each material has their feature. Here are some of the most popular seat cover materials so as to help you pick the right material that suits you and your car.

8 material seat cover

  1. Ballistic nylon: although ballistic nylon is not the most comfortable fabric there is, it provides your seat with a heavy-duty shield against UV damage and water. Ballistic covers are one of the most durable covers available on the market. It can take on attacks from muddy pet paws, spilled drinks and other messes.

Pros and Cons of Ballistic nylon seat cover

  1. : neoprene is well known and lauded for its waterproofing abilities; in fact, neoprene is constructed from the same materials used to make scuba suits. Neoprene seat covers protects your seat totally against water damage, spilled drinks and muddy pet paws.

Pros and Cons of Neoprene seat cover

  1. Leather: although leather seat covers are more vulnerable to wear than other materials and they can get sticky on hot days, they offer a lot protection to your seat than you imagine. Leather seat cover does not absorb spills unlike cloth seat cover, with leather seat cover; it makes spillage easy to clean since it does not absorb them. There’s are so many different material leather seat cover. through it, you will know the different leather’s Pros and Cons.


  1. Velour: Velour is a luxurious knitted fabric made from polyester or cotton. This material has an extra-soft finish and provides supreme comfort for you and your family or passenger. It is not much of a water resistance like neoprene but for extra careful drivers, it is a good seat cover that adds style and comfort to your car.

Pros and Cons of velour

  1. Suede: it is an economical alternative to leather. Suede seat covers are less vulnerable to wear and are tougher. Suede is not naturally resistant to water damage and UV rays. If you are thinking of buying suede seat covers, make sure you purchase the one that is treated with weather-resistant materials. Can’t find too much information about suede, and about suede, always connect to synthetic, to make product not expensive and improve related function, two different suede seat cover can be waterproof or non-waterproof.

what is suede

  1. Acrylic fur: Don’t have any seat cover’s material call Acrylic, Acrylic is Plexiglases.


  1. Tweed: Tweed seat covers is similar to velour in terms of comfort and style, but Tweed seat covers are more resistant to wear and won’t stain easily.

what is tweed

  1. Saddle blanket: saddle blanket seat cover is a tightly-woven fabric that is easy to clean and stands up heavy-duty use. It is a durable seat cover with a rugged “western” look. With this car seat covers you can stylish interiors, comfortable ride, and reliable protection from tears and stains.

I have been searching so much material, the more relate information in Google, the material you can trust most, if some material merchants provide can be searched by Google, you’d better choose another materials. The more product produce by same material, the material in that product will work better.


Types of car seat cover: There are different kinds of car seat cover like split-style covers, bench-seat styles, and bucket-seat styles. The two main types of seat covers are the slip-on seat covers and tie-on seat cover.


  1. Slip-on seat covers: this seat cover looks like a fabric tube that can be slipped easily over the seat, and it is secured with an elastic bottom. The elastic bottom’s function is to avoid the cover from sliding off.


  1. Tie-on seat covers. Unlike the slip-on seat cover, the tie-on seat covers are more open and have several bands that help wrap the cover over the current seat and ties it in the back of the seat.


Choose a seat cover that suits your lifestyle

Do not choose a seat cover just because your friends are using them. Choose a fitted seat cover that meshes with your way of life. For people whose vehicle is also a home office, instead of selecting a seat cover that would be hard to maintain, choose a seat cover would be durable and comfortable. For drivers who face long commutes each morning, choose a fitted seat cover that would provide you with long lasting comfort and support. Not only that, choose covers that are UV rays resistant and are water proof.


Choose custom car seat covers over universal seat covers

If you cannot find a fitted seat cover, it is best to go for the custom car seat cover. The custom car seat covers are tailored for specific car models; you can browse through as many styles as possible to see the style that suits your personality and lifestyle. However, always keep it in mind that the custom car seat is more expensive than the universal seat covers.


Check the size of the car seat cover if it fits with your car seat

To get a fitted seat cover, you have to check the sizes of the seat cover if it fits with your vehicle seat. Here are sizes of some car seat cover:

  1. Size 30A or 30 Deploy Safe: the size 30a or 30 Deploy safe is mainly for front seats that have airbags installed. This seat cover allows the side airbags to deploy in emergency cases. The size 30A seat cover leaves the airbag uncovered while the 30 Deploy Safe uses a special stitching that allows airbags to deploy in the event of emergencies. The two seat covers have an individual piece for a headrest that enables them to stay adjustable.


  1. Size 90: the size 90 seat cover is mainly for a front high back bench seat.


  1. Size 30 or 30/45 and 60 or 60/25: the size 30 or 30/45 have an individual piece for a headrest, i.e. once you have a fitted seat cover, your headrest remains adjustable. While the size 60 or 60/25 is a one piece seat cover that will cover your headrest.


  1. Size 06/06H: the size 06H rear cover features three individual headrest cover for complete functionality of adjustable headrest, but the size 06 doesn’t. Note that none of the two car seat covers allows for armrest or folding seats.


  1. Size 301 or Size A: the size 301 or size A is mainly for a ¾ bench and a front bucket seat. Although it allows for total functionality of adjustable headrest, it doesn’t allow a cut-away in the ¾ bench.


  1. Size 401 or Size B: the size 401 or size B is similar to the size 301 or size A, but it allows a cut-away in the ¾ bench for the gear stick and also allows the complete functionality of adjustable headrest.



Seat covers are crucial for people who want to maintain their cars. Seat covers would avoid damages and enhance the look of the motor vehicle interior.


Since you have read this article, we hope you would be able to choose the right seat cover for your car, van, truck or SUV.