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Battle of the Floor Mats: How They Stack Up

rubber floor mats

Let’s face it, floor mats are more or less a necessity in the car world.  They protect your carpet from the dangers of the universe  – spills, mud, dirt, you name it. Most of the time, floor mats are the […]

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5 Things No One Told You About Driving

Learning to drive is probably one of the most exciting parts about growing up, if not one of the scariest – suddenly you’re trusted to be in control of this thousand pound metal machine of death?  You probably spent a […]

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How to Survive Your Morning Commute

Life has its way of throwing a lot of abuse at us.  Sitting in traffic is probably one of the worst kinds of this torture, even more so when it’s happening at 8 in the morning on a Monday on […]

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5 Things I Loved About My First Car

When I talk about my first car, I actually mean my second car.  My literal first car was a 2001 Toyota Celica that my parents surprised me with outside of my job when I was seventeen.  Her name was Emma.  […]

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The 5 Absolute Worst Foods To Eat In Your Car

candy spilling from bag1

Whenever we get a new car, there’s always that promise we make to ourselves where we swear that we’re going to keep it as perfect as it is the day we drive it off the lot.  That means no smoking, […]

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Leatherette or Leather: Can You Tell the Difference?

Leather seat covers are hot. Sometimes literally, like in the middle of the summer when you forget to park in the shade, but also in the sense that people love them. They’re luxurious, elegant, and they smell awesome. Like most […]

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Is the product made of real leather, so called genuine leather and how to identify?

different type of real leather

Is the product made of real leather, so called genuine leather ? No,  There’s different type of leather could be called made by real leather and the genuine leather is the lowest quality of all products made out of real […]

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How to maintenance your seat cover and make it last longer?

Car Windshield Sun Protection Cover

  We all know the most important problem with leather seat cover is too hard in the summer, but if we can avoid this happen, the leather seat cover will be the best choice for all season. Car Windshield Sun Protection […]

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how to select the car cover

  what’s custom-fit? How do I if they are custom or not? In order to the car cover won’t blow off by wind, the car cover’s size should fit car and the extra size can’t exceed 20 inches, This length can be […]

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Things you need to take into consideration before buying a car, truck, van or SUV seat covers

before purchase car truck van suv seat cover

There are so many cars, vans, trucks and SUV seat covers out there and getting the right one might be confusing and stressful. Here in this article, we would share with you the crucial and vital things you need to […]

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