I have been working on online marketing for long time. Not matter what product I have been working on, I know one thing, you paid for what you get.

Check the products below from china famous online store “TaoBao”.


seat cover price in taobao

Through this, the full set price is from  $22.68 to  $57.65.  it usually could up to $100.

So why some price for seat cover  could be over $200 ~$400.  price could be different more than 10 times.

manufacturing sell from fabric seat cover to leather seat cover directly’s price should from $20 to $150.

we call manufacturing price as basic price.

Extra price if any happens below:

  • Retail price will be $10~$60 dollars more
  • Brand name for seat cover
  • more function:  airbag compatible, water-proof, better material
  • special design
  • Custom fit
  • better support and easy for refund

let amazon consider for u


Add back seat cover should add 80% more.  and steering wheel cover and Air fresheners will cost at least $10.

So the Top 4 rate leather seat cover full set price should be:

Leader Accessories leather seat cover: $26.99

EDealyn leather seat cover: $49.38* 1.8 = $88.88

Big Ant leather seat cover: $35.99*1.8 = $64.78

FH Group seat cover:  $51.87


let’s check those bad reviews for different brand.

Leader Accessories leather seat cover bad reviews:

bad reviews for leader accessories seat cover

  1. smell bad.
  2. looks ugly after wash.
  3. poor quality .. easily breaks.
  4. hard to fit
  5. 3 seat belts clips unable to lay out.


EDealyn leather seat cover bad reviews:

EDealyn leather seat cover bad reviews

  1. Still don’t fit even confirm with customer support
  2. $150 installation fee if you don’t know how to install.
  3. wrong description.


Big Ant leather seat cover bad reviews:

big ant leather seat cover bad reviews

  1. quality problem.
  2. poor support.
  3. use free gift to clear the bad reviews.


FH Group leather seat cover bad reviews:


  1. don’t fit specific car
  2. zippers quality problem.
  3. hard to custom
  4. poor quality


Through those bad reviews, We can see except most expensive leather seat cover, another seat cover have different level’s quality complaint. fit problem happens not matter what quality. hard to custom fit by some products, cheapest price leather seat cover have smell problem, poor customer support, zippers quality problem,easily breaks.

So before you ready to purchase leather seat cover, there’s list you must take care first:

  1. is this seat cover fit to your car?        -> product information, ask customer support and check customer’s review to find if someone used same card as you.
  2. Material’s  quality.    -> you paid for what you get, more expensive, more quality, but original should from same location.  if you want the product Made in US quality equal to product Made in china.  you should paid at least double.  It’s all depends on country salary and cost of material. Even you may disagree with me, I have to told you guys the truth, Made in china doesn’t means cheap quality, but if you purchase the cheapest product, not matter where the product made from, worst quality for sure, even iPhone made in China. Also we come to Amazon is for most valuable products, Even Custom OEM seat cover have problem, what do you want from those much cheaper price leather seat cover. we should know we get what we paid for. if you think some product is too cheap, don’t purchase it.  also you could easily return it as long as you located in US. There’s too many ways to get money back, needless on Amazon. Never buy the cheapest one, even you can’t find the problem right now, the invisible badness will happen lately.  toxic smell could happens bad quality seat cover, easily breaks. Since more and more manufacture join to those big market place, the price for seat cover is transparent,  too cheap = problem & waste more times.
  3. Check the function you need from those seat cover: airbag compatible,  water-proof, anti static, washable, folder-able back seat. make sure they have it.
  4. try to contact their support before you purchase if possible, official website’s live chat, phone call.


I also checked customer reviews and the uploaded from customer. The average reviews are up to 4.8/5.

The picture doesn’t have too much different from the picture. So the price is depending seat cover’s material.

The fabrics below have been tested by the Modified Wyzenbeck abrasion test, and most fabrics seat cover are made from them.

cotton < Polyester < Nylon < Neoprene < Cordura

material compare



question when you purchase seat cover

Resistant to abrasions is not the most important seat cover, because it’s not like blanket, walk through everyday, we just sit on them, so it’s not that important.

There’s some condition are more important:

  • Smells bad?
  • Waterproof?
  • Machine washable.
  • fit like picture ?



Remember you paid for what you get?

  1. located in US or Brand -> better support
  2. cheap -> hard to refund or quality problem
  3. more details -> more reliable.
  4. sell in multi store -> more reliable (could use google shop to check)


The example from market, but same for the seat cover marketing:

I purchase 2000 words article for fiverr about $10. I think this price is also unacceptable in china, If you know the product and some information about it, I will still need 1 hour to  write 1000 words.  it means for 2000 words article and focus on 3 keywords at least take seller 2 hours and more.  and she has 6 order in queue per day,  fast deliver with 100% “nature” article and bulk seller.  So there’s should be something wrong with this article, I find the problem by accident, those guys are very smart, use Russian е instead of English e.  and also other words, so when you google or some online website to check article’s Plagiarism, this article will cheat on them for moment, then the Google’s punishment only for you and he got the moneys, that’s it.  for iPhone LCD screen is also the same thing, I used to work on sell those iPhone LCD screen online, but lately I know one thing this A quality iPhone LCD will have problem after 3 month usually. And A quality iPhone LCD fulfilled with A quality iPhone LCD.


The above example happens to me, Even cheap products look OK right now, but something invisible you may unable to find it, but when you find it is too late too return it.

Of course everybody want the most valuable seat cover in this moment, About brand, not matter which brand, have list of bad reviews.  I won’t suggest any brand seat cover here, but for the advice, I have been writing so much on the above. the information is I know so far for knowing seat cover for 3 month.